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This is a rare 13” strand with a Shou Netsuke figure – God of Longevity

a miniature sculpture that was invented in 17th century Japan to serve practical function ( the two Japanese characters ne+tsuke mean “root” and “to attach”). Traditional Japanese Garment —robes called kosode and kimono had no pockets, however men who wore them needed a place to store their personal belongings such as pipes, tobacco, money, etc. The solution was to place such objects in containers (called sagemono) hung by cords from robes sash (obi). Whatever the form of the container, the fastener that secured the cord at the top of the sash was a carved,button like toggle called a netsuke. Over time a Netsuke evolved from being utilitarian into objects of art & extraordinary craftsmanship. It is mixed with bone carved beads, Flat bone beads, Glass handprinted beads, agate beads, small ivory signed beads, & sterling silver.


Blanche NoNoo

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